Hi, I’m Adriana. If you came here on purpose, welcome. If you found this place on accident, welcome all the same. Feel free to stay a while. And any door you stumble on is free to open although I can’t guarantee that what you find is sensible or tidy.

I’m a writer with dreams of publishing novels and children’s books. In the meantime, I’m fortunate enough to be able to edit and write professionally for a non-profit that does great work around the world. Prior to that, I was a teacher—literature, creative writing, and theater. You know. . .the good stuff.

I married the only boy I’ve ever loved, and I’m not naive to the fact that I’m one lucky girl. We’re parents to two fluffy dogs, but we’re hoping to be parents to less fluffy human children in 2019 via adoption. If you want to know more about that, go here! I love war films, road trips, cooking, bulky type writers, crowded airports, being outside, Narnia, zoos, the first snow of the year, circus history, and books of all sorts. Last but certainly not least, I love my Jesus. His kindness is without measure.

My husband and I also wrote and illustrated a kids book about that makes it fun to talk about adoption called The Polaris-Away. Feel free to check it out!


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